Haxe Entry Point

A title with two meanings, what have we here!

Recently I wrote about Haxe from 1000ft, which looks a the way Haxe fits together, how it's flexibility makes it difficult to explain, and how an onlooker might better understand it.

This post is a follow up, and discusses what happens if you were interested in using Haxe for something, and were curious about the entry point from a user perspective.

To tackle the basic usage and understanding of the Haxe environment, we will write an example command line tool using Haxe.

This is a continuation of a series on Haxe itself, which you can find all related and future posts under the “haxe” tag.


Here is part one.
This is part two.

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Photoshop workflow one

This is part one of a few posts on specific things I find indispensable when using Photoshop to work on concept art, illustrations, sketches and design work.

Part one includes the first of the most important set of tools for working non-destructively - Smart Objects.

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