Haxe Entry Point

A title with two meanings, what have we here!

Recently I wrote about Haxe from 1000ft, which looks a the way Haxe fits together, how it's flexibility makes it difficult to explain, and how an onlooker might better understand it.

This post is a follow up, and discusses what happens if you were interested in using Haxe for something, and were curious about the entry point from a user perspective.

To tackle the basic usage and understanding of the Haxe environment, we will write an example command line tool using Haxe.

This is a continuation of a series on Haxe itself, which you can find all related and future posts under the “haxe” tag.


Here is part one.
This is part two.

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Haxe from 1000ft

I often run into people confused as to how to use Haxe or, where exactly it fits into a project pipeline.

For the newcomer, Haxe is a high level modern programming toolkit that compiles to a multitude of languages (c#, c++, java, js, python, php, etc). You can visit Haxe.org for a closer look - in the mean time, here is a broad strokes view of what Haxe is and can do.


This is part one.
Here is part two.

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haxe: compile time macros

Haxe is a really great language for me. It does cross platform in a sensible way - by compiling and generating code to a target language. The best part is that it's not just converting, it's properly compiling the code - so all errors are caught by the compiler itself long before the generated code even gets there.

One of its most powerful features is the macro system which allows you to run haxe code at compile time, to augment and empower your existing haxe code. It sounds crazy - so let's dig in.


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announcing snõwkit

I have spent my spare time in the last ~year and a half or something creating a set of libraries, all the while gathering like minded developers to foster a new collective for the Haxe programming toolkit.

The most important of these is a cross platform game engine called luxe, for deploying games to Mac, Windows, Linux, Android, iOS and WebGL from the same code.

Haxe is a powerful tool for me with an important role in cross platform development and I wanted to help empower the Haxe eco system in the best way I know how - show, don't tell.

snowkit logo

Find out more below.

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