Art: Bombernauts Workshop Banner

Have you played Bombernauts? It's available on Steam and is a whole lot of fun. It's a great multiplayer game by Tyler Glaiel with art by Sven Ruthner and audio by Brandon McCartin.

For the most recent update – which adds Steam workshop support (full patch notes) – Tyler mentioned needing a hand with a banner quick, and I was in a good position to help out and was happy to help some friends in a bind.


I painted the banner based on some of the power ups in the game, below is the final banner we ended up with. The other Sven painted the robot part, and I merged it into this scene and did the rest. I had a lot of fun painting this!

Check the game out, and bring some friends since it's a good game in groups :D

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Art: Drifter Merchant

A (wip) concept for Drifter. A merchant ship, that hangs around and is really big - even the tiny pixels on the loading bay, around the shuttle, are a bit big for human scale in comparison!

Don't forget, the game is available already - you can find out how and where to get it on the Drifter site.


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