Year of Drifter!


We've been working on Drifter as usual!

We've also announced a promotion of sorts as we push toward 1.0 release.

The Drifter poster is huge and glorious in person, and is a steal right now as it has free shipping, and can buy one bundled with the game!

If you haven't seen it or have forgetten this is what it looks like:

Drifter poster

The Year Of Drifter promotion also has an animated teaser, click through to view it.

Read the full announcement

I've been working on these player deployable storage containers.
The original concept art looked like this:

Container mockup

This is how the first final version for the game looks:

Game container

Don't forget to tell your friends.
If you've bought the game and feel inclined - leave a review on Steam. We'd appreciate it.

You can view the game and the information here.

You can view the full size higher quality version.