Drifter 0.6.9 to 0.6.13 released

Drifter updates have been weekly so I collated the last few updates into one post. The updates are live on Steam and the Humble store.

Weekly releases continue, and we're aiming for one last update in the 0.6.x range since 0.7.0 is nearly done.

Add it to your Steam wishlist if you haven't, review it if you're inclined. Thanks!

You can read the full announcements here.

• 0.6.9
• 0.6.10
• 0.6.11
• 0.6.12
• 0.6.13

0.6.9 notes 0.6.10 notes 0.6.11 notes 0.6.12 notes 0.6.13 notes

The store widgets to buy it are behind "read more", for your convenience.

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Drifter 0.6.2 released


The third Narcissus update for Drifter is out!

The update is live on Steam and the Humble store.

Here's the new update notes! You can read the announcement post in full here.

0.6.2 update notes

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Drifter 0.6.1 released

0.6.1 header

Relatively hot on the heels of 0.6.0, here is the second release in the Narcissus update series to Drifter.

The update is live on Steam and will be on the Humble Widget soon.

This update includes a lot of concluding things that were done in 0.6.0 specifically on the UI. The full notes are below.

0.6.1 release notes

As always, sharing and telling your friends is much appreciated.

Here's the Drifter home page.
Here is the official 0.6.1 update on Steam in full detail.

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Drifter 0.6.0 released

0.6.0 header

After a few months of working on it, we have just released the 0.6.0 update to Drifter on Steam and the Humble Store.

This update was pretty challenging but includes a lot of big stuff that marks a great jumping off point for moving forward with quicker update cycles.

It's always fun to collate everything from an update into one place, which you can see below, but below the fold there is a tad more about the update.

0.6.0 update

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Art : Drifter interior update

So I have been working on these interiors for quite some time (basically forever) but they are finally coming together. Here's a render of the pilots quarters, a WIP.


Pilot Quarters

Drifter WIP

Remember you can get Drifter already directly from us and have hours of fun while we work on wrapping up the rest.

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