Drifter 0.6.3 released


The fourth Narcissus update for Drifter is out!

The update is live on Steam and the Humble store.

We're including some information about future updates as well:
Here is some concept art for some of the other interiors and facilities heading into the game. They're obviously WIP!




Here's the latest update notes! You can read the announcement post in full here.

0.6.3 update notes

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Making a small stealth game in http://pico-8.com.

You should check out pico-8, it's really great.


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Art: Storage Container (in 3D)

Recently for http://driftergame.com/ we decided to try out http://sketchfab.com for showing off some work in progress assets for the game. Here's how that recently mentioned storage container looks in 3D. Click through to spin it around!

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tinkering - weekend jamming

Over the weekend I spent a few hours making a little something, that might turn into a tiny game with a friend if time permits. Updates will be posted on my twitter first, but i'll post here if it goes further too.

Made in my own engine, which you will hear more about here and on twitter in good time.

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