Art : new Drifter ships

Part of the bigger update we have been busy working on for Drifter includes a couple of new playable ships. Some of them come from the same manufacturer, and some are cut down smuggling ships streamlined for speed. You can see a preview below, click to view the large version.

new ships

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Yosemite OSX file open bug solution

Yosemite is fantastic. I am really enjoying using it and the visual refresh is something I had looked forward to for a while - but after a couple of hours using it I hit a pretty weird bug that would prevent applications from using the file open dialog more than once.

Read below for what is causing it for me, and a safe solution/workaround.

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haxe: compile time macros

Haxe is a really great language for me. It does cross platform in a sensible way - by compiling and generating code to a target language. The best part is that it's not just converting, it's properly compiling the code - so all errors are caught by the compiler itself long before the generated code even gets there.

One of its most powerful features is the macro system which allows you to run haxe code at compile time, to augment and empower your existing haxe code. It sounds crazy - so let's dig in.

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Art : texture toys

Working on these interiors, some interesting stuff comes up when working on the texturing. Just some random images of things that happenstanced their way about.

Three images in order of no color and spec, no color, and color and lighting.

Don't forget you can play Drifter already, on Steam or direct purchase from us while you wait :)

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why snõwkit

This post is a short reasoning and history post about creating the snowkit collective and especially, the initial set of libraries.

If you haven't yet, please read the announcement post first.

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announcing snõwkit

I have spent my spare time in the last ~year and a half or something creating a set of libraries, all the while gathering like minded developers to foster a new collective for the Haxe programming toolkit.

The most important of these is a cross platform game engine called luxe, for deploying games to Mac, Windows, Linux, Android, iOS and WebGL from the same code.

Haxe is a powerful tool for me with an important role in cross platform development and I wanted to help empower the Haxe eco system in the best way I know how - show, don't tell.

snowkit logo

Find out more below.

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Past: js1k spring 2013

Past: is a look back at some older things I created.

For the 2013 spring js1k (javascript 1 kilobyte of code) challenge, I submitted a small 3D based canvas demo for fun. I just wanted to explore writing a simple 3D projection in 1k for myself, which turned out ok.


Original description:

3D projections in 2D, 50x50 grid mathed about with.

Click Read More to view right here.

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Shaders : second stage

The second part in a series on understanding shaders, covering how data gets sent between shaders and your app, how shaders are created and more.

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Art: Drifter interior update

I have been plodding along through concepting, building, and texturing a whole bunch of station interior scenes for Drifter, this space trading game we are making.
You can get the game immediately and play it, on Steam or directly from us.
I will posting breakdowns of the stages of an interior and all the things I have learned along the way, as this is the first time I have ever made anything this large scale and it was incredibly challenging at best. Lot's to learn from.
This is a sneak preview of some of the textures I have been making (click to enlarge):
To follow along, you can subsribe to this blog (top right of post), or follow me on twitter, or follow the lead dev Colin here.

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tinkering - weekend jamming

Over the weekend I spent a few hours making a little something, that might turn into a tiny game with a friend if time permits. Updates will be posted on my twitter first, but i'll post here if it goes further too.

Made in my own engine, which you will hear more about here and on twitter in good time.

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Primer : Shaders

A common theme I run into when talking to some developers is that they wish they could wrap their head around shaders. Shaders always seem to solve a lot of problems, and often are referenced as to the solution to the task at hand.

But just as often they are seen as a sort of enigma or black box - one that is so shrouded in complexity that it makes learning them from ”basic” examples near impossible.

Hopefully, this primer will help those that aren't well versed and help transition into using shaders, where applicable.

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Drifter now available on Steam

The game we have been making is now available on Steam Early Access. View a trailer on the store page, or click the full link for an embedded trailer.

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Photoshop workflow one

This is part one of a few posts on specific things I find indispensable when using Photoshop to work on concept art, illustrations, sketches and design work.

Part one includes the first of the most important set of tools for working non-destructively - Smart Objects.

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I will be a speaker at GDC

Actually on a panel! Talking and answering questions about programming in the video game industry, alongside some amazingly talented folks.

I am honored to be afforded the opportunity.

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Art: new Drifter concept art

More sketching on the ship dealer, mission office, pilot quarters and a timelapse video of the comex, showing how I paint these for Drifter.

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Understanding Realtime Multiplayer

An article I wrote about understanding realtime multiplayer. Includes theory, plenty of links and diagrams and includes a working demo on github written in HTML5 with client and server for 1 vs 1 realtime multiplayer.

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L-systems and procedural generation

L-systems are a generation system that uses a simple descriptor to define fractal patterns that can be useful for many things, like trees, streets and more. This post goes over the way they look and how they work.

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Pathing excursions

I enjoy messing with path finding algorithms and finding interesting ways to obtain the results, this is about a few more recent attempts.

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About Notes

Notes is a blog about developing games. Discussing art, programming, technical issues and short posts about what I am working on.

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