Continued, A short dev post about a tiny stealth game in

I had a short break from working on this, while waiting for pico-8 0.1.4. In the meantime I had finished blocking in all the details of the narrative and how that all ties together. I planned a lot of levels on paper and graphed out some ideas for overall structure, and I've done a lot of other stuff that would spoil things if I posted about them at the moment.

Here's a less spoilery, vague, outdated graph diagram before I talk a bit about what I've been doing here.

project cedar graph outdated graph diagram

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Drifter 0.6.3 released


The fourth Narcissus update for Drifter is out!

The update is live on Steam and the Humble store.

We're including some information about future updates as well:
Here is some concept art for some of the other interiors and facilities heading into the game. They're obviously WIP!




Here's the latest update notes! You can read the announcement post in full here.

0.6.3 update notes

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fix iconutil El Capitan "Unsuported image format"

Just a short post with a really obscure error from iconutil, after an El Capitan upgrade.

If you run a command similar to:
iconutil -c icns some.iconset -o some.icns

And you get (sic):
error: Unsuported image format

Here are two important things:

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As mentioned, I am making a small stealth game in

I've made quite a bit of progress today so here is a short gif. I now have all the systems in place, and can move on to finishing out the levels and narrative, and higher level ideas. Read more below for the gif and more info.

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Drifter 0.6.2 released


The third Narcissus update for Drifter is out!

The update is live on Steam and the Humble store.

Here's the new update notes! You can read the announcement post in full here.

0.6.2 update notes

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Making a small stealth game in

You should check out pico-8, it's really great.


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Art: Storage Container (in 3D)

Recently for we decided to try out for showing off some work in progress assets for the game. Here's how that recently mentioned storage container looks in 3D. Click through to spin it around!

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Year of Drifter!

We've been working on Drifter as usual!

We've also announced a promotion of sorts as we push toward 1.0 release.

The Drifter poster is huge and glorious in person, and is a steal right now as it has free shipping, and can buy one bundled with the game!

If you haven't seen it or have forgetten this is what it looks like:

Drifter poster

The Year Of Drifter promotion also has an animated teaser, click through to view it.

Read the full announcement

I've been working on these player deployable storage containers.
The original concept art looked like this:

Container mockup

This is how the first final version for the game looks:

Game container

Don't forget to tell your friends.
If you've bought the game and feel inclined - leave a review on Steam. We'd appreciate it.

You can view the game and the information here.

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Art: Drifter Merchant

A (wip) concept for Drifter. A merchant ship, that hangs around and is really big - even the tiny pixels on the loading bay, around the shuttle, are a bit big for human scale in comparison!

Don't forget, the game is available already - you can find out how and where to get it on the Drifter site.


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Invisible, Inc fan art

James is one of the designers on Invisible, Inc - An excellent turn based procedural stealth game that's coming out in a few days. You should definitely consider picking it up - Klei games are usually well worth the time.

While he was streaming some of the hardest game mode, I decided to make some fan art for the game. It's a really quick sketch, so it is what it is! Enjoy!

Click for the full size (scan lines get weird in small view)

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Haxe Entry Point

A title with two meanings, what have we here!

Recently I wrote about Haxe from 1000ft, which looks a the way Haxe fits together, how it's flexibility makes it difficult to explain, and how an onlooker might better understand it.

This post is a follow up, and discusses what happens if you were interested in using Haxe for something, and were curious about the entry point from a user perspective.

To tackle the basic usage and understanding of the Haxe environment, we will write an example command line tool using Haxe.

This is a continuation of a series on Haxe itself, which you can find all related and future posts under the “haxe” tag.

Here is part one.
This is part two.

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Drifter 0.6.1 released

0.6.1 header

Relatively hot on the heels of 0.6.0, here is the second release in the Narcissus update series to Drifter.

The update is live on Steam and will be on the Humble Widget soon.

This update includes a lot of concluding things that were done in 0.6.0 specifically on the UI. The full notes are below.

0.6.1 release notes

As always, sharing and telling your friends is much appreciated.

Here's the Drifter home page.
Here is the official 0.6.1 update on Steam in full detail.

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Haxe from 1000ft

I often run into people confused as to how to use Haxe or, where exactly it fits into a project pipeline.

For the newcomer, Haxe is a high level modern programming toolkit that compiles to a multitude of languages (c#, c++, java, js, python, php, etc). You can visit for a closer look - in the mean time, here is a broad strokes view of what Haxe is and can do.

This is part one.
Here is part two.

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Art: Drifter new icons

Some new icons I have been making for Drifter!








There's a bunch of these in 0.6.1 update coming really soon.

Oh and we also recently got hold of so it's easier to tell your friends about it and easy to remember. It is pretty helpful if you DO tell your friends about it, and don't forget you can get it already while we work on finishing up 1.0 - every bit helps :)

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Drifter 0.6.0 released

0.6.0 header

After a few months of working on it, we have just released the 0.6.0 update to Drifter on Steam and the Humble Store.

This update was pretty challenging but includes a lot of big stuff that marks a great jumping off point for moving forward with quicker update cycles.

It's always fun to collate everything from an update into one place, which you can see below, but below the fold there is a tad more about the update.

0.6.0 update

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Art: Drifter interior update

Hello again, the next preview of the interiors is here, this time in large group format. The newest one is the ship dealer, bottom right. The bottom left is the comex!

Click for larger version

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Art: Drifter interior update

Here's another WIP render of an interior from Drifter, which is available to buy directly from us or on Steam.

You can view the other ones so far below.


Material Synthesis

Drifter material synthesis WIP

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Art : Drifter interior update

So I have been working on these interiors for quite some time (basically forever) but they are finally coming together. Here's a render of the pilots quarters, a WIP.


Pilot Quarters

Drifter WIP

Remember you can get Drifter already directly from us and have hours of fun while we work on wrapping up the rest.

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Art : new Drifter ships

Part of the bigger update we have been busy working on for Drifter includes a couple of new playable ships. Some of them come from the same manufacturer, and some are cut down smuggling ships streamlined for speed. You can see a preview below, click to view the large version.

new ships

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Yosemite OSX file open bug solution

Yosemite is fantastic. I am really enjoying using it and the visual refresh is something I had looked forward to for a while - but after a couple of hours using it I hit a pretty weird bug that would prevent applications from using the file open dialog more than once.

Read below for what is causing it for me, and a safe solution/workaround.

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