Drifter 0.6.9 to 0.6.13 released

Drifter updates have been weekly so I collated the last few updates into one post. The updates are live on Steam and the Humble store.

Weekly releases continue, and we're aiming for one last update in the 0.6.x range since 0.7.0 is nearly done.

Add it to your Steam wishlist if you haven't, review it if you're inclined. Thanks!

You can read the full announcements here.

• 0.6.9
• 0.6.10
• 0.6.11
• 0.6.12
• 0.6.13

0.6.9 notes 0.6.10 notes 0.6.11 notes 0.6.12 notes 0.6.13 notes

The store widgets to buy it are behind "read more", for your convenience.