Drifter 0.6.0 released

0.6.0 header

After a few months of working on it, we have just released the 0.6.0 update to Drifter on Steam and the Humble Store.

This update was pretty challenging but includes a lot of big stuff that marks a great jumping off point for moving forward with quicker update cycles.

It's always fun to collate everything from an update into one place, which you can see below, but below the fold there is a tad more about the update.

0.6.0 update

The update includes a whole lot of ground level work on the UI for portability, maintainabilty and flexibility as well as the first pass on the interiors for the stations. There are a bunch of new ships which make for interesting choices when it comes to specializing a ship for mining or doing runs in dangerous systems - and will open up more interesting opportunities when we start adding the exploration and crafting gameplay stuff later.

Starting off the year strongly feels great, and we are kicking off a bunch of more frequent updates and ways to follow more closely with it that we will announce soon.

I'll have a ton of posts about the processes and things that I struggled with and lessons learned, particularly from the perspective of coder-doing-art and how the things I know from game design and coding have helped me get things done (and conversely, how they can get in the way).

We also managed to get hold of http://driftergame.com finally, so if you're spreading a link, it's easier to remember now!

Here's the Drifter home page.
Here is the official 0.6.0 update on Steam in full detail.

Tell your friends!

p.s If you do Youtube/Streams of the game, you can find an email address and permission here for getting in touch. Be sure to post the videos on the forums, we love to see what people get up to. We also love to jump on streams and chat with the community.

Onward to 0.6.1!