new game+ / Celeste launches tomorrow!

Celeste is a game I had the privilege of working on, and it launches tomorrow (25th Jan) on Switch, PS4, Steam and the day after (26th Jan) for Xbox One!
All the details are here

I recently completed the main story path again on Switch, and it feels weird to say that this game is in my list of all time favourites. It is, though. I adore this game.

The love and attention poured into Celeste really shows, and the whole team worked together to create something great that'll stick with me for a long while. I'm honoured to have worked with them, and I respect every one of the people that poured the heart of this game from their own.

Worth it!

Even though Celeste is a challenging precision platformer (and wow some of the extra side levels are challenging), it still has an accessible main story path that a lot of people will be able to complete. It's worth the challenge, and makes the game so good at what it is. I'd encourage you to try it if you're able!

If for any reason you'd like a different way to play, the game includes Assist Mode. This allows you to play without dying, slow down time, have infinite dashes and more - so if you just want to exist in the world and experience the story,
you're welcome to.

The game has 700+ areas with a ton of secrets, challenges, and lore and it's such a rich experience. The speed running aspect of the game later on is going to be so much fun to watch, too.

I hope you'll love it as much as I do!

p.s The soundtrack is ridiculously good, as well as the B-sides soundtrack.

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